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Parole and Probation Violations

Michael S. Discioarro, is an experienced Brooklyn parole and probation violation attorney who has been representing clients in probation and parole hearings in Brooklyn with great success. Legal representation is just as crucial for probation and parole violation matters as it is when fighting the original criminal charge. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this and they go into this situation without being adequately protected. There are many effective ways to represent someone in a probation violation hearing and without a criminal defense lawyer none of these are possible. The judge will be the person determining if you will go to jail or remain free on probation. I am often able to convince a judge to keep you out of jail, and in some cases turn a potentially lengthy stay in jail into a short one.

Often when you receive a sentence for your first criminal offense you will be placed on probation. Probation will vary depending on what crime you were sentenced for. Probation will include specific rules and restrictions, and your ability to follow these rules will be expected to say the least.

If you violate your probation you are opening yourself up for all kinds of bad things. Probation officers will usually recommend the stiffest penalty for violating probation, and some even take it personal. Common probation violations include:

-a new arrest

-associating with known criminals

-failure to enroll or attend required classes

-failure to follow any rules or regulations imposed

Brooklyn Probation Violation Defense

A probation violation is a matter to be taken seriously, and if you are in this situation it is so important to have legal representation to navigate you through the criminal justice system. Unlike when you went to court for the original criminal charge, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not necessary when it comes to a probation violation case. The court only needs to find a preponderance of evidence to successfully find you in violation of probation. If you are found in violation of probation you will likely be put in jail without bond. When you don't have someone litigating on your behalf, the odds are stacked against you and the outcome likely won't be good. You do not want to be found in violation of probation in Brooklyn.

If you or someone you love is charged with violating supervised or unsupervised probation, you should call our office immediately. Contact us at our 24 hour hotline at 917-519-8417.